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   Fancy faces - cloth character heads -  silk portraits- Artist dolls-  hand painted in water media.

 Inspired by a cloth doll class at the local quilt shop, I started painting faces -     and now I can’t stop!   Hand painted heads are stuffed and embellished with fun fiber hair and  such neckline finishes as collars and scarves.  Portraits are drawn and painted in watercolors and watercolor pencil on silk fabric. Some of the heads were painted from the model , while others are from my imagination.

Fancy Faces

The smaller heads, which I have named Fancy Faces have been turned into wearable art with the addition of a jewelry pin.

Silk Portraits Artist Dolls
Framed, Soft Sculpture Heads

    Cloth Heads are mounted and framed to hang on your wall.

Portraits  are painted on pure silk fabric stretched over quilt batting .

Artist  Dolls One of a kind handmade collectible cloth dolls