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One Inch Scale Children’s Clothing


pink toddler's dress and panties
white toddler sailor

C1-2 One inch scale, lace trimmed pink cotton batiste toddler's ensemble                                        $14.00

C1- 1  White toddler sailor suit rompers with red and blue trim                $14.50

Rose toddler's ensemble light blue sailor suit

C1-3 Rose and White polka dot lace trimmed, cotton  inch scale toddler's ensemble on a hanger,  with bonnet                                            $15.00

C1-4 Light blue and white cotton batiste sailor suit rompers                                                  $14.50

Sailor Suit Rompers

C1-5 Navy and white print sailor suit rompers on a hanger                                        $15.00

Child's dress with white lace trimmed top and  light blue on white skirt
Lavender dress
Child's baby blue and white smock dress with white lace and silk r mibbon

C1-7 Light blue and white print dress  with white lace trim.                                                        $14.00     

C1-9   Lavender and white dress with gingham bodice, solid lavender skirt trimmed  iin lace.                                                     $14.00

Child's baby blue and white smock dress with white lace and silk ribbon                 $10.00 


Long white infant dress

C1-6 Infant's period, long white lace trimmed cotton batiste dress.                          $6.00

little girls' sq yoke dress lt blue=white

C1- 8  Light blue and white square yoked dress with lace trim   $14.00

Pink smock dress
C1-10 Pink smock dress on a hanger                 $10.00