Half Inch Scale Clothing

Ladies' nightshirt and robe

L- 1/2 -1 Half inch scale white cotton batiste ladies' nightshirt trimmed with pink silk ribbon and bunka.                                                                              L-1/2 -2  Half inch scale white cotton batiste ladies' bathrobe trimmed with pink silk ribbon. $10.00

Blue half inch scale corset

L-1/2 - 3 Light blue silk corset trimmed with black lace, black rayon ruffles and boning, light blue silk ribbon bow. $15.00

Half inch scale sleeveless silk dress

L-1/2 -5  Pink silk sleeveless dress trimmed with white lace edging at the hem, pulled bunka, and white and rose silk ribbon rose at the waist. $13.00  SOLD

Pink Half inch scale frock

L-1/2-8 Little girl's pink and white cotton dress with micro mini gingham checked skirt and white top outlined in pink fairy lace with bunka appliqué. $10.00

Green Half inch scale frock

L-1/2 -6 Cotton mint green and white print little girl's dress trimmed with white picot lace outlining the yoke and mint green silk ribbon belt.  $10.00


L-1/2-9  Half inch scale ecru cloche with brown band and multilooped bow with rhinestone in the center.  $20.00 SOLD