Accessories by Rachelle


Please note that all items are one inch scale unless noted otherwise.


Small silk Bonnet

Lavender Straw Bonnet Front.

Miniature hats Aug 25 2012 017
H-14 Red straw large brim hat with red and white fuchsia flowers and white silk ribbon bow.        $28.50

1870’s Straw Bonnet

White straw bonnet, ombre ribbon rosettes with white no hole bead centers, red vintage rayon taffeta ribbon roses, green ribbon base, white silk ribbon ties and bows- From the period when the difference between a bonnet and a hat was simply whether or not it had strings to tie it to the wearer’s head...                              #H108 - $23.50


Small Silk Bonnet

Lavender silk,  lavender, burgundy and green vintage taffeta ribbon, green bunka.Small bonnet appropriate for the mid-Victorian period.  # H-102   $23.50

Lavender Straw Bonnet Back

Cherry Rose Silk Hat-Molded, flat crowned oval silk hat with small brim, trimmed with white cotton lace, pink vintage rayon taffeta ribbon roses and green ribbon loops.

# H107 - $28.50


The Elegant-Bonnet-BackThe Elegant Bonnet

Peach Silk and cotton lace Mid-Victorian Bonnet festooned with silk satin ribbon roses, loops and bows.      

#H109 - $45.00


Lavender Straw Hat

Lavender Straw, rayon ombre and vintage taffeta ribbons, paper flowers .

Small brimmed straw hat appropriate for late 19th through much of the 20th century.

   # H103  -  $28.50

The Elegant Bonnet Front
Miniature hats Aug 25 2012 013
Blue Large brim with black lace

 Large Brimmed Edwardian Hat

Light blue silk Edwardian huge brim hat covered with black antique lace, trimmed with black cotton lace band and large black silk multi-looped bow.  H1-12     $35.00

H1-20 Blue large brimmed hat with white cotton lace trim and pink flower. $20.00


White hat with johnny jump-ups

Miniature hats Aug 25 2012 019                                                                             H-17 Pink straw bonnet trimmed with white lace and white silk ribbon bows and ties.        $15.00                 

Miniature hats Aug 25 2012 012 cropped

H1-1 Vintage lace covered, wired brim silk hat decorated with chiffon roses, pearl beads and jaunty feathers.  $40.00

     H-16 Large wire brimmed red silk hat trimmed in lavender and white, perfect for your one inch scale "red hat lady". $25.00

        H-15 Natural straw skimmer with brown decorative ribbon band and bow and yellow and rust chrysanthemums. $30.00

Miniature hats Aug 25 2012 009

 H-19 Large brimmed, peach, round crown Edwardian silk hat with white lace and peach silk ribbon trim.       $25.00