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Accessories by Rachelle

Hats & Bonnets

Please note that all items are one inch scale .

Pink Mid Victorian bonnet

H1-1  Early Victorian  Bonnet  $25.00

Burgundy Elegant Silk , Rose trimmed Victorian bonnet
H1-2 Elegant Burgundy Silk Bonnet  $45.00
Gold Elegant Bonnet

H1-3 Elegant Gold Silk Bonnet   $45.00


H1-4  1870’s Straw Bonnet  $23.50


H1-5 Victorian Bonnet  $23.50

Rose straw bonnet Natural straw picture hat with chrysanthemum trim1
IMG_0250 Green and white steampunk top hat
Pink top hat with rose trim

H1-6 Straw Victorian Bonnet $15.00

H1-7 Natural Straw Skimmer  $28.50

H1-8 Large Brimmed Silk Edwardian Hat  $25.00

H1-9 Green Steampunk Hat       $30.00

H1-10 Pink Steampunk Hat $30.00

Red Steampunk Hat with black trim

H1-11 Red Steampunk Hat 1 $30.00

Tan Steampunk top hat

H1-12  Tan Steampunk Hat 1 $30.00

Steampunk hat 6

H1-13 Red Steampunk Hat 2 $30.00

Steampunk hat 5

H1-14  Tan Steampunk Hat 2 $30.00

rolled brim

H1-15 Mauve Rolled Brim Hat $20.00

Rose Cloche

H1-16 Red Wide Brim Straw Hat  $28.50

H1-17a  Natural Straw Skimmer          with Mums 1       $28.50

H1-17b  Natural Straw Skimmer with Mums 2          $28.50

H1-18 Lavender Cloche   $10.00

H1-19 Rose Cloche $10.00


H1-20 Blue Hat with feathers $15.00

Mid Victorian Breakfast cap

H1-21  Victorian lace bonnet  $10.00

Small brim with cocarde1

H1-22  Small blue hat with cocarde  $10.00


H1-23 Late Victorian Straw with roses  $35.00

Burgundy Gibson with roses and lace

H1-24 Rose trimmed Gibson girl hat $28.50

Accessories -Hats 003c1
edwardian trimmed with black lace
blue cloche with roses Beige-Mid-Victorian-Bonnet-2

H1-25 Large lace trimmed Edwardian Big Brim   $40.00

black silk porkpie2

H1-29 Mid Victorian Hat with Veil   $30.00

dark brown cowboy hat

H1-33 Men’s Leather Cowboy Hat     $10.00


H1-26 Turquoise blue Cloche       $10.00

Online Miniature Show photos 004

H1-30 Small Brimmed Lavender Straw           $23.50

grey fedora

H1-34  Men’s Grey Felt Hat  $10.00

H1-27  Pink Early Victorian Bonnet         $25.00

straw with summer flowers

H1-31 Natural Straw Skimmer  $28.50


H1-28 Off White Early Victorian Bonnet         $25.00

Black cloche with gold trim

H1-32 Gold Trimmed Black Cloche       $  25.00