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    Around the World in Eight Days

May 15-19, 2019

Workshop  -Beginners Hats Around the World

Learn a variety of simple techniques to construct seven different basic hat styles including large brimmed flat and round crowned molded hats., 1870’s straw bonnet, pillbox and three soft hats which include mobcap, maid’s cap and Victorian breakfast cap.  You will learn how to manipulate lace, fabrics and straw to create these basic hat shapes as well as create various bows, roses and other trimmings to decorate the hats. The kit will contain materials to make each hat and several specialized hat blocks and tools to help you in the construction process.

Theme Luncheon - Attaining the Perfect Figure - or the “Agony” of Fashion

Through the ages people have reshaped the body in order to be fashionable, generally by  adjusting the shape of the figure with undergarments, which either pare down or add on, to obtain the “perfect figure”.  women’s attire often included several of these often uncomfortable additions to the costume.  In our luncheon hour we will track the history of fashion through photos and miniature examples, and reveal how our ideal of the perfect figure has changed. Each participant will receive a finished one inch scale mannequin clothed in mid 19th century undergarments and patterns and instructions to create some garments of your own.