Upcoming Shows and Classes

Friday November 6th through Sunday November 8th 2015


Philadelphia Miniaturia

Crowne Plaza Hotel      Philadelphia   - Cherry Hill  NJ

Quarter Inch Scale Bridal Boutique

Friday November 6th, 8am - 3:30pm


RSpiegel Bridal Boutique

Students will assemble an elegant 1/4 inch  scale column  corner room box designed & laser cut by Michelle Faleshock. Join me in filling it with mannequins dressed in stylish wedding gowns, veils  & hats. Students will learn special techniques to manipulate  fabrics, create bows, work with a variety of tiny trims, feathers & ribbons, while keeping it all in scale. Also students will decide how  much detail is needed to give the desired effect .

Tools to bring: Basic tool kit, small sharp scissors for  fabric, scissors for paper, fine point tweezers, tacky-tape glue,  applicator (bottle & syringe), light, extension cord, and  magnification suggested.