Tara the Gibson Girl

Tara Head
Tara side

Tara, our Gibson Girl, Is dressed in a striped pink shirtwaist, trimmed with an antique lace collar, plain, dark blue cotton skirt, trimmed with pink vintage rayon ribbon and a pink straw hat, decorated with paper flowers and silk ribbon. Beneath she wears white, laced trimmed cotton drawers and petticoat, black stockings and black leather shoes.  She was poured and painted by Jan Smith and costumed by Rachelle.

Charles Dana Gibson, a well-known illustrator of the 1890’s, drew the American women of his time in their causal and comfortable everyday styles.  During the later 19th century, a new feminine interest in sports (croquet, lawn tennis, golf, bicycling and swimming) developed, which required new, specialized sporty clothing.  The combination of blouse or “shirtwaist” and skirt became tremendously popular.